Zombie Industries SS Nazi Mutilating Target

Zombie Industries SS Nazi Mutilating Target
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Product Description

Perfect for use indoor, or outdoor, with no bloody mess to clean up!

Life-sized Zombie target WOUNDS florescent orange when you shoot it!

Zombies can be shot with more than 1000+ rounds of assorted calibers.

Biodegradable Zombie matter keeps tree huggers off your back.

Zombie can be reused to finish off another day.

Includes wood stake to mount the Zombie.

Printed Box with a standard shaded scoring line target on both sides to help sight in your weapon.

Optional ZOMBOOM! Exploding Rifle Target kit (2 Targets).

Made in the USA by non-infected workers!!!

While tending to his poppy fields, this backwards thinking hypocrite Taliban “soldier” decided to indulge on some home-made heroin… Only problem was, this particular field had already been marked for destruction by NATO forces. As they dropped a new experimental version of Agent Orange to kill off the vegetation, this lucky fellow was passed out and snoring like a Afghan goat. When the toxic chemical mixed with the poppy pollen, it created an extremely noxious fume, that put its victims into a deep sleep allowing the chemicals to permeate the cells with each breath. As the sleeping insurgent lay past out & gasping for air, he inevitably inhaled enough poison to kill 10 men. When he finally did wake up… it was from the Dead!

Each Patent Pending Mutilating Zombie is cloned in the USA at thier San Diego, California facility by God-fearing workers. They are hand painted to simulate an infected human that just finished devouring someone’s brain, with realistic features to heighten your sensitivity and maximize your Zombie readiness training! What sets their Mutilating Zombie’s apart from the pack?? In addition to being filled with biodegradable matter for easy clean-up, our Mutilating Zombies physically show visible bodily devastation when shot? That’s right, the destruction is easy to see with every shot!

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