We-Tech Katana Series AEG

We-Tech Katana Series AEG
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Product Description

This AEG was traded in as a non functional unit. It has been repaired and/or upgraded and is ready for the field.


New reinforced steel Bevel Gear and spur gear set

New OEM WE Sector Gear to match piston.

New Piston

New Piston Head

New Spring Guide

New High Torque motor

New Bolt Catch

Re-shimmed internals

New Flash Hider

Velocity: 355 FPS

The AEG will include the following spare parts as well. Stock Spring Guide, Stock Piston Head, New bushings, New selector plate

Original AEG Information below.

This WE M4A1 AEG Rifle comes with new designed KATANA gear box system. Nylon Fiber handguard and 4 Position Cane stock, Metal 14.5" Outer barrel with Steel Flashider.

When user turns the selector to “Safe”, it will release the spring in the gear box back to normal state.

The new Katana system from WE is a proven concept built on a new platform allowing interchangeable cylinders to alter the power of your gun in seconds. While based on the colored cylinder design of the high performing Systema PTW, the WE Katana is actually a regular AEG with a cylinder change system that looks like the PTW. But the similarities end there.

WE M4A1 AEG (BK, Katana System, M120 Red Cylinder) High Performance Assembled Electric Powered Airsoft AEG Rifle

Fully/Semi Automatic Shooting Mode

New Design Katana System Cylinder (Red Color/ M120)

Full Metal Receiver, Carry Handel and Front Sight With adjustable rear sight

350mm Outer Barrel with 45mm Flashider

Include Nylon Fiber Pistol Grip and 4-Position Cane Stock With Bubber Pad

180mm Nylon Fiber Handguard

Detachable carry handle reveals a weaver rail (20mm) for any scope or red dot sight

Full metal magazine accommodate 300 Rounds of 6mm BBs

Opening the bolt cover to adjust HOP UP

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