Valken Alloy Series PDW AEG

Valken Alloy Series PDW AEG
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Product Description

The Valken Tactical Alloy Series PDW "Personal Defense Weapon" is our most compact variant in our new premiere line of full metal AEG rifles. The durable high quality aluminum alloy bodies are milled to finish and hard coated to create a tough exterior, combined with a mills spec CNC'd free floating KeyMod rail system, and a 1 piece metal lightweight outer barrel. The PDW style stock features 6 adjustment points and is rear wired with a in tube battery compartment designed for our 11.1v and 7.4v 1000mAhm Stick LiPo's. Inside is a Ver. 2.1 Gearbox, with a micro switch trigger system designed and tested with 11.1v LiPo's that presents a solid trigger break and reset for fast response. The gearbox also features a quick change spring guide, and a low resistance steel wire harness that clearly indicates positive from negative. The inner barrel assembly is a 70D full seal bucking, polymer hop up unit with precise adjustment, and a carbon steel barrel the PDW is the ultimate CQB rifle.

Gearbox Specs:

High speed motor

Micro switch trigger system

18:1 ratio gears

Steel 8mm bushing on sector and spur gear, 8mm bearing on bevel gear

Brass type 2 cylinder

Polymer cylinder head

Even distribution nozzle

Reinforced tappet plate

Ported piston head

Full metal tooth rack piston, 2nd tooth removed

Quick change spring guide

Metal selector plate

1-piece hop-up

Function bolt catch/dust cover

Steel 6.03mm inner barrel (200mm)

Low resistance steel wire

Mini type Tamyia connectors

External Specs:

Aluminum Alloy receiver "Matte Black"

Captured body pins

Free floating metal CNC 7 Key Mod rail

HDP 6 position crane stock

HDP flip up dual profile front & rear sight

6" metal outer barrel 14mm CCW "left hand" thread

Metal PDW 6 position collapsible stock with battery compartment

Metal rear sling mount

Vented motor plate

FPS 350-370 w/.20g Valken Precision BB

1 year warranty

Compatible with 8.4v/9.6v NiMh and 7.4v LiPo

Includes (1) Valken Tactical 350rd metal hi-cap flash mag, instruction manual, allen key, and (1) un-jamming/cleaning rod

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