Magpul PTS RM4 Scout ERG EBB Rifle by KWA

Magpul PTS RM4 Scout ERG EBB Rifle by KWA
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Product Description

This AEG was a recent trade in. We have made the needed repairs to it and certify it ready for the field.


New Gearbox Shell

New Hopup

New Bucking

Faux bolt does not function.

Velocity: 385 FPS

Includes: AEG Only.

Original Manufacturers Specifications.

The PTS RM4 series of guns are variations based on the M4/AR-15 platform. The ERG (Electric Recoil Gun) RM4 system represents the continued evolution of the AEG. Core features include a mechanical / electrical cut-off with the last round fired, functional bolt release, and simulated recoil via the proprietary Kinetic Feedback System. The included ERG PMAG is specifically designed to work with the auto cut-off system. The ERG is also compatible with standard AEG magazines (though the auto cut-off feature will not be active with these). With its new feature set, the RM4 offers the shooter a degree of functional realism not present in previous generations of AEGs.

The PTS AR15 ERG is the perfect training gun for shooters who desire realistic recoil, more realistic firearms manipulation, and the reliability of Electric Airsoft Guns.


Fully Licensed Magpul PTS Trademarks

Full Metal Receiver

Enhanced AEG Gearbox with Kinetic Feedback System

Proprietary ERG Recoil System

Mechanical / Electrical Auto Cut-off with Last Round Fired

Functional Bolt Release for Firing System Reactivation

All Metal Billet-style AR-15 Receiver

PTS RM4 PMAG with Adjustable 30 / 60 Round Capacity

Flip-up Rear PTS MBUS Sight

PTS MOE Handguard and Pistol Grip

Inner Barrel: 363mm

Muzzle Velocity: 370~390 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BBs)

Thread Direction: 14mm Negative

Gearbox: KWA 3GX Full Metal

Motor: Long Type

Fire Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety

Package Includes: Gun, Magazine

Battery: 11.1v Small Type LiPo recommended (Battery not included)

Hopup: Yes, Adjustable

Manufacturer: Magpul PTS (OEM: KWA)

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While the sport of Airsoft is designed to be enjoyed by all ages, ignoring proper safety practices can turn a day of fun into a tragedy. Todays modern airsoft guns are capable of firing a BB at velocities that can and will penetrate fabric and skin, causing serious injury. Always wear "Full Seal" eye protection and observe proper weapon handling practices such as keeping the weapon on "safe" and cleared with the magazine out to prevent accidental discharge. REMEMBER!! Safety begins with the shooter!!