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ManCraft M.A.S.S. MkI Air Stock
ManCraft M.A.S.S. MkI Air Stock
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Product Description

ManCraft M.A.S.S. MkI Air Stock
M.A.S.S. MK1 - Mancraft Air Stock

**Accommodates 13ci tank and most regulators (Mancraft, Wolverine, Redline, Ninja, etc.)**

**High pressure macro hose (with working pressure over 1300PSI required.**

Material: Aluminium, Anodized black.

5 QD sling mount locations.

Can be mounted on most replicas that accept a standard M4 LE style stock and buffer tube. This includes AK-47, G36 and other variants.

Set includes:

M.A.S.S mk1, M4 stock

Set of screws

CNC machined connector for the HP tank

High pressure hose (with working pressure over 1300PSI (HP tanks have ~850PSI at output))

Two types of connectors for the regulator (1/8"NPT and connector for regulators that usually are screwed on the HP tank (warning! They are pre-assembled)

WARNING! bottles with the condensed high pressure reducer (SLP tanks) will not fit into the stock!


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