Elite Force 4CRS
Elite Force 4CRS
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This is a floor model that we are clearing out to make way for new product. Slight shop wear and minor blemishes may be present.

New for 2012, the 4CRS is Elite Forces newest top end edition to their M4 series lineup. Manufactured by VFC this rifle represents the highest level of craftsmanship you will find in the AEG market. They have also managed to produce it at a very affordable price!

Based on the previously released 4CR, this model has been updated with flip up sights and a modernize RAS quad rail which creates an uninterrupted, sight to sight mounting deck. This compact rifle is primarily constructed using CNC machined aluminum components to include the barrel, RAS, receiver and buffer tube. This has kept the weight down to a very manageable 5.75 lbs making the 4CRS an extremely agile close quarters weapon.

Compact 10.5 inch barrel.

One piece, free floating 15 slot RAS quad rail.

6 position collapsible crane stock also houses battery.

Gas block mounted flip up front sight, removable flip up rear sight.

Steel buffer tube ambidextrous sling plate.

Functional bolt catch.

Oversized trigger guard.

Power has been kept to a CQB friendly 350 fps using a .2g although, thanks in part to a very precise hop-up system and precision barrel, this rifle is accurate out to 60 yards away using .28g ammo. The hop-up chamber on this model is different from past VFC models and closely resembles aftermarket upgrade chambers with the adjustment wheel perpendicular to the barrel instead of parallel. This configuration makes it possible to make very small fine tuning adjustments and far less likely to shift out of position from vibration. Taking a peek further into the rifle you will find a V2 gearbox with steel gears running on 8mm bearing bushings, a ported aluminum head and steel spring guide with bearing.

Bottom line, in the role of a CQB weapon the Umarex 4CRS excels in every category and even at distance it is a highly formidable field rifle right out of the box. Its awesome performance combined with the always impressive VFC craftsmanship makes this Umarex rifle an awesome AEG to own.

This Umarex product comes with a 1 YEAR warranty provided by Umarex USA. Warranty repair or replacement on this item must go through the Umarex service center and does not fall under the BG Airsoft warranty.

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