AT-10 "Operator" Advanced

AT-10 "Operator" Advanced
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Product Description

The BGA Tactical Systems AT-10 Series AEG is one of the most advanced and complete AEG's on the market today. The AT-10 features all of the upgrades that you would normally spend time and money upgrading at the same prices that you pay for an out of the box AEG.

The AT-10 Advanced has all of the basic features of the standard AT-10 PLUS these upgrade.

Pro-Win CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber

Prometheus 60 Bucking


Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip


Full Metal M4 Receiver resists scratches and abrasions better than standard painted receivers.

Laser Engraved Trades

Each AEG individually Serial Numbered

QD Milspec Buffer Tube allows fast and easy spring changes without removing the gearbox!

AR10 Style Free Float RIS for attaching tactical accessories.

10.5" Outer Barrel

BGA Fat Break Muzzle Break

Battery Type: Nun-Chuck NIMH bateries and Buffer Tube Type Lipo Batteries.

Package includes: Weapon Only


Gone are the days of having to switch between semi-auto and full-auto for a mid cycle trigger hang.

BGA V2 Magnefet Reinforced Gearbox

BGA Magnefet integrated Mosfet Trigger system

Magnetic sensor does away with the cutoff lever and mechanical trigger.

Mosfet features a low voltage cutoff that prevents over discharging of your Lipo batteries.

QD Ball Bearing Spring Guide

M120 Spring

Reinforced Polymer Piston with 14 Steel Teeth

CNC Aluminum Ball Bearing Piston Head

Stainless Steel Cylinder

CNC Aluminum Double O-Ring Cylinder Head

CNC Aluminum Air Seal Nozzle

18:1 Machined Steel Gears

8mm Steel Bushings

High Torque Motor

Lonex 6.03x285mm Tightbore Inner Barrel

Velocity 360-400 FPS W/.20g BB

Warranty: 6 months

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While the sport of Airsoft is designed to be enjoyed by all ages, ignoring proper safety practices can turn a day of fun into a tragedy. Todays modern airsoft guns are capable of firing a BB at velocities that can and will penetrate fabric and skin, causing serious injury. Always wear "Full Seal" eye protection and observe proper weapon handling practices such as keeping the weapon on "safe" and cleared with the magazine out to prevent accidental discharge. REMEMBER!! Safety begins with the shooter!!