BGA BOLT VSR-10 HP G-Spec Sniper Rifle

BGA BOLT VSR-10 HP G-Spec Sniper Rifle
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Product Description

Take your sniper game to the next level with the Wolverine Bolt!

The BAR-10 G-spec has long been a favorite of ours and simply dropping the BOLT into it was not enough. We also add a high quality CNC Hopup and Prometheus Inner Barrel!

The Bolt BAR-10 G-Spec includes the following.

JG BAR-10 G-Spec Sniper rifle

Wolverine BOLT HPA System Pre-installed.

Action Army CNC Aluminum Hopup Upgrade Pre-installed

Lonex 6.03x303mm Inner Barrel Pre-installed.

Action Army 70 Bucking Pre-installed

7.4v Lipo Battery

Hose fittings for your favorite regulator.

Sniper Rifle is ready to field! Just add your tank and regulator.

Metal cylinder & trigger box assembly

Great Marui after-market VSR-10 upgrade parts compatibility

VSR-10 upgrade parts compatible

Scope & bipod ready

Metal cocking bolt and lever

30 round VSR-10 high capacity magazine included

Weight: 9 lbs

Triggerbox: Metal Trigger Box (Not the Plastic Trigger box version).

Velocity: Adjustable via regulator

Package Includes: Sniper Rifle, Speed Loader, Magazine

HPA conversion kit for Bolt Action sniper rifles. Compatible with VSR 10 models and the Echo1 M28. Testing is in process for other sniper models as well.

A few technical highlights from the BOLT:

* Electro pneumatic: This means there will be a small battery, but NO FCU. The trigger simply attaches to the outside of the trigger box and is actuated by the trigger. When actuated it powers the valve and fires the bb. This means the consistent output of a solenoid without the complexity and battery drain of an FCU.

* Exclusive 3-way valve design created by Wolverine Airsoft and manufactured by MAC powers the system.

* NO MOVING PARTS: During the firing of the bb nothing in the system moves other than the Solenoid Valve opening.

* Patent Pending Air Saverô Technology: Allows you to simultaneously save up to 50% of your air per shot and match the volume air output of the system to the barrel.

* Optional 1 Piece aluminum bolt simplifies the installation especially on guns where the cylinder head is pinned to the cylinder.

* Will have the option of using a special version of our BOLT for self-contained co2 cartridge use with no external air line. ~150 shots per cartridge is possible even at 2+Joules!

* Input pressure(subject to change): 80-180psi.

* Output Energy: 1-4+J depending on setup and bbs used


The BOLT is currently designed to be compatible with Tokyo Marui VSR 10 and identical clone platforms, including the JG BAR 10.

The BOLT without Cylinder will also work in the Echo1 M28, however the Cylinder we offer is not compatible with the M28.


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