ARES C.P.S.B Stainless Steel Piston for AS01 Striker

ARES C.P.S.B Stainless Steel Piston for AS01 Striker
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Product Description

ARES - AMOEBA Striker C.P.S.B Stainless Steel Spring Guide, is a purpose-built two part spring guide designed to improve the performance of ARES Striker S1 series of bolt action Airsoft spring sniper rifles.

Precision manufactured from stainless steel, this complete set features both the spring guide shaft, and the bearing base.

The base contains bearings that are designed to ensure that when compressed, your Striker S1s spring remains straight inside the piston and allow a free rotation upon release. This prevents the spring and spring guide wearing unevenly and reduces the chance of premature breaking. The use of durable stainless steel also allows users to install stronger springs into their Striker S1, increasing the FPS up to 450FPS.

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