AIP Programmable Fire-Control Unit for AEG

AIP Programmable Fire-Control Unit for AEG
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Product Description

With a MOSFET, the power no longer passes through the trigger contacts to deliver power to the motor. Instead, power is delivered directly to the motor and the trigger acts only as a switch. This prevents arcing which destroys trigger contacts. Highly recommended upgrade, especially for setups that will see a lot of semi-auto use.


Enhances trigger response.

Prevents the burning of trigger contacts due to arcing.

Lowers resistance.

Programmable burst function

Compatible Batteries:

7.2-11.1v battery with small Tamiya style plug

Programmable functions:

Burst (2-12 shots): Set the selector to Full Auto. Pull the trigger and keep it depressed until hearing 3 beeps. Then quickly pull the trigger the number of times you want the gun to fire in burst. After that, pull the trigger one final time and keep it depressed until you hear the confirmation from 1 long beep. You can set it from 2 to 12 shots in a burst. Note that after programming, the gun will not do the full burst if you release the trigger early.

Burst (more than 12 shots): Pull the trigger and keep it depressed until you hear a 3 beep tone. Then, pull and hold the trigger one final time until you hear confirmation from 1 long beep. This will allow you to fire up to 30 shots in a burst.

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